I'm Fernanda and I take photos for a living. Oh.. right!
I love film photography, old movies and rambling. I hate.. a lot of things actually. So watch out.

—Roque and I never coincided in time or space; nevertheless, we corresponded frequently over the years, and we had a number of friends in common. It was Roque who initiated the interchange during his epoch in Prague from 1965 to 1967. I was living in Paris at that time, and we both shared the same nostalgia for our distant — and in Roque’s case, forbidden — homeland. The strange thing about his letters was that they only touched peripherally on politics and poetry. Instead, they were filled with comical accounts of daily life in Prague, and above all they dealt with Salvadoran cooking. For months we exchanged recipes for dishes that were almost impossible to prepare in Europe, and especially in Prague, for lack of the right ingredients. How could one duplicate the mysterious alchemy of gallo en chicha, for example, or recreate the subtle aroma of pupusas de loroco?

Claribel Alegría
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